Do You Know That Every Second Employee Quits in the First Four Months?

With online surveys, you will minimize employee turnover. Explore the onboarding process with pre-built templates, auto-shipping, and trend tracking reports.

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Discover the benefits of the onboarding survey

Ready-to-use survey templates

Don't waste your energy on preparing the onboarding survey. We did it for you in cooperation with HR experts. You will find ready-made survey templates in our panel, so preparing the survey will take a few moments.

Automatic dispatch & reporting

We value your time and convenience. Thanks to automatic dispatch, you will quickly reach respondents and effortlessly collect a complete set of results in one place. You can also prepare clear reports for your superiors with one click.

Monitoring of the onboarding process

Use intuitive analytical tools to track trends and compare the effects of onboarding over time. Constant monitoring of the onboarding assessment will allow you to optimize the process and give your employees a better start.

Working together on the research

You can work on one project with the entire team by sharing accounts. Thanks to this, you will prevent interruptions in research related to, for example, employee leave and create a field for HR departments for easy exchange of opinions and conclusions.

Startquestion featrues useful in conducting Onboarding Survey

Convenient survey dispatch

Choose the best way of distributing surveys for you and your employees (e-mail, QR code, link). Conveniently and efficiently send e-mails via your SMTP mail server, ensuring that messages with onboarding research will not fall into spam.

Personalized questionnaire

A professional and elegant survey is the key to a high response rate. Choose the optimal graphic design corresponding to your brand and graphics that improve the template’s appearance. Also, take care of the rules for displaying the questions so that they logically lead the respondents through the questionnaire.

Anonymity guarantee for the employee

Respondents cannot always afford honest feedback. If you want them to overcome their concerns, make them anonymous. With Startquestion, it is possible to set the respondents’ privacy so that no one will know their details.

Customized reports

Share the survey results with your supervisors and the team as conveniently as you want. You can automatically generate test reports in PDF or DOCX format, share a link to the results in real-time (LIVE reports) or set up periodical sending of reports to e-mail.

Simple analysis and conclusions drawing

Collecting feedback is only the first step of the research. More important is how you use the acquired knowledge. Use the extensive analytical module to track trends, create rankings, and filter the results by position, department or other attributes necessary for further analysis.

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