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Although they are mainly associated with education, knowledge tests are perfect for business. This tool allows you to quickly and at low cost verify employees’ level of knowledge and experience, optimizing the work of HR departments, training organizers and recruiters.

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Instant feedback

Don't waste time checking the results manually. You will receive them immediately after the end of the test. Decide whether to display the result on the respondent's screen or send it to an email address with a personalized message.

Constant monitoring of competencies

Support employees and sellers should regularly improve their competencies to ensure a high level of services and to know the current offer perfectly. Knowledge tests allow for regular monitoring of qualifications and sending the employee for training if necessary.

Identification of the advantages and disadvantages of training

Feedback from training participants is crucial for organizers and trainers. If the knowledge tests are unsatisfactory, adjusting the level of classes and the workshop offered to the group's capabilities may be necessary.

Versatility of use

Knowledge tests have many uses. They effectively examine competencies (GDPR, knowledge of the platform, compliance), knowledge after training or experience of candidates. Psychological and personality tests are also popular among HR specialists.

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After many recommendations, we tested Startquestion, which turned out to be easy to use and flexible survey software. We appreciate the customer support team’s high quality, reaction time, and patience. Startquestion helps us in many feedback-related use cases, and we see more users and departments actively using it for their purposes.

Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Poland

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Startquestion features useful in running knowledge tests

Personalized test template

Customize the design of the knowledge test according to your needs. Select the layout, type of questions to be asked and their presentation to ensure that respondents have the best experience while completing the test.

Convenient test delivery

Send the questionnaire to the employees’ email or choose another form convenient for the participants and the organizer, e.g. a QR code displayed on the presentation, a link to the survey sent to a company messenger or SMS.

Ask your employees for feedback

Custom test settings

Display questions randomly and set a time limit for completing (per page or the entire survey). Automatically put the start and end of the test. For legal or security reasons, temporarily limit access to the knowledge test (after a specified time, the link to the survey will not be active).

Quick access to the results

You will receive the results of the tests as soon as they are completed. You can share them with your team (or supervisor) right away or easily download easy-to-read reports. You decide when and in what form the respondent will receive feedback.

Advanced and simple analysis

Use intuitive analytical tools, thanks to which you will quickly calculate the results and make their advanced analysis — filter responses based on employee characteristics, departments, and other attributes. Create rankings and easily share analyzed results with the entire organization.

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