Are Your Customers Satisfied with the Cooperation with Your Brand?

Did you know that every third customer leaves the competition after one disappointing experience with the company? Most – wordlessly. The Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) survey will allow you to understand the customer’s needs and problems better and make research conclusions to make sound business decisions.

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Discover the benefits of the Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Plenty of templates to choose from

Research customer satisfaction at various points of contact with the brand. Depending on the industry, you can measure consumer satisfaction after purchasing, contacting Customer Service or delivery. Use ready-made templates prepared by CX experts.

Track customer satisfaction

Analytical tools can track trends and compare customer satisfaction in individual stores or branches. Regular customer satisfaction monitoring will allow you to optimize your sales and support.

Automate your processes

The satisfaction survey is quick and precise. You will reach the target group in the required place and time, thanks to automated shipping. You can quickly analyze the feedback collected in one place and generate elegant reports with one click.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Check if and to what extent a specific product or service meets the customer's expectations. Ask precise questions to find out about the strengths and weaknesses of the offer. Work on what deviates from high standards to enjoy a long and beneficial relationship with each customer.

See how Startquestion will help you monitor customer satisfaction

An invitation that the customer won’t miss

Choose the most convenient form of sending surveys (email, link, SMS, QR code, questionnaire on the website). Startquestion allows you to send messages from your SMTP mail server, which, firstly, minimizes the risk of getting SPAM, and secondly, it will enable you to send a personal invitation.

Since you send an email to a client as a human, not a company or software, the client is much more likely to read the message than if we sent something similar to other invitations coming to his inbox.

Personalized questionnaire and content

Customers value brands that care about them. Choose your graphic design and create a pleasant survey. Prepare a personal invitation to participate in the study and a personalized questionnaire to show your attitude towards the client.

Sharing results in your team

You can quickly and efficiently share customer feedback with your team. It is also possible to set alerts immediately informing Customer Service, CX Manager or other interested departments and persons about a negative comment.

Direct contact with clients

Due to customer preferences, you can conduct anonymous or open surveysIdentifying the respondent allows quick contact with the client to obtain further feedback and solve the reported problem.

Always up-to-date results

Create elegant dashboards and share survey results with your organization in real-time. In addition to LIVE reports providing real-time viewing of the results, you can quickly prepare and download a test report in a format suitable for you (PDF, DOCX, etc.).

Advanced analytical tools

Use the collected feedback to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. The extensive analytical module allows you to track trendscreate rankings or filter results.

Use ready-made customer survey templates

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