Why Are the Wrong People Holding Leadership Positions?

Are your employees doing their job well? Use the 360-degree peer review and get a complete picture of the employee, plus an unbiased tool for awarding raises and promotions.

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Discover the benefits of 360 Degree Feedback

Objective evaluation of the employees

Nobody likes to be biased. By looking at an employee from several perspectives, you gain a practical and objective tool for periodic evaluation and self-evaluation of your people.

Discovery of talents and competences

The best employees do not always speak loudest about their successes. The 360-degree evaluation identifies hidden talents and competencies in the company, thanks to feedback from the supervisor and colleagues.

Learning about the company’s strengths and weaknesses

If you want to be a good leader, you have to be open to criticism. Without knowing your strengths and weaknesses, it will be challenging for you to grow and make your business successful.

Building a culture of feedback

Honesty is the basis of a successful relationship between employees and supervisors. Give employees a tool to share their opinion freely – shape the culture of feedback and open communication in the team.

Startquestion features useful in collecting 360 Degree Feedback

Automatic sending of questionnaires

Send the survey to all study participants with one click, and then remind those who have not yet completed the study. Send survey invitations from your SMTP mail server to minimize the risk of getting stuck in spam.

Adaptation of the graphic design

With Startquestion, you can adapt the questionnaire design to your needs. Customize the layout and appearance of the questions. Personalize the invitation to participate in the survey and the form to provide employees with the best experience while completing.

Design your survey template

Ready-to-use survey templates

Crafting a professional 360-degree Peer Assessment questionnaire can be time-consuming. Use ready-made templates prepared in cooperation with experts from the HR industry. In the panel, you will find templates that, after a short adaptation, may be successfully used in research in your organization.

Access to results and reports

Make the most of the collected feedback. Use analytical tools to filter results, prepare elegant reports on individual employee research (spider charts), or compare the results in a team. Prepare reports for 180/270/360-degree surveys, or download raw data for further processing.

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